Sponsoring Institution: New York Life Foundation

Type: Essay competition

Anyone willing to write about grief that they have faced. No age restriction, but it is only open to US and Canadian residents

Application Deadline:
Deadlines for submission can be as early as December 1st depending on location/
Find your deadline:

Wondering how to turn your experiences with grief into something powerful? Look no further than the New York Life Award! Supported by the New York Life Foundation, this scholarship provides $2,500 scholarships/travel stipends to ten deserving students.
To apply, just submit your work to chosen category within the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and be sure to indicate your interest in the New York Life Award. Alongside your submission, include a personal statement detailing how your work reflects your journey through grief and bereavement. If you’re looking for inspiration for your writing and want to gain insight, take a look at previous winners on the Art and Writing Awards website. Your personal statement should delve into your grief experience and its relevance to your work, using at least 50 words and considering the provided prompts. Deadlines vary by region and can be as early as December 1, so be sure to check your deadlines accordingly. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to create something meaningful out of your experiences with grief and apply today to the New York Life Award.

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