Sponsoring Institution: Network of Enlightened Women

Type: Essay Writing

Eligibility: Female high school seniors and college students currently enrolled in institutions in the US can enter the women’s essay scholarship

Application Deadline: The deadline for the women’s essay scholarship is early May

Highlight: Time-Traveling all the way back to 1903 when Marie Curie won the Nobel Prize, to Greta Thurnberg leading the global movement for climate change, women across the world have made revolutionary discoveries and created incredible change in many fields… And it’s about time they are recognized for it. The NeW Essay Contest, sponsored by the Network of Enlightened Women, is a women’s essay scholarship recognizing the timeless capabilities of today’s generation of women, encouraging young women to spark their creativity by writing an essay on the achievements in the fields they are interested in. By entering this women’s essay scholarship, any female high school senior or college student can score big by penning their thoughts, building their networks, and seeing their growth!  If things go especially well, earn an extra $500, all by reflecting on the momentous achievement of women in their preferred field and growing your own skills in the process. It’s just 600 (to 750) words!… by early May! You’ve got this!  Don’t miss out on your opportunity to reflect on women’s achievements for this wonderful women’s essay scholarship! In the words of Marie Curie “you must never be fearful of what you are doing when it is right”.

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