Sponsoring Institution: University of Birmingham and Bournemouth University

Type: Writing Competition

Eligibility: anyone can apply, open to everyone

Application Deadline: End of November

Highlight: Do you love storytelling or poetry and using digital resources in a creative way? Then the New Media Writing competition is meant for you! This writing competition is beyond super cool as it encourages innovative uses of modern media to tell a story/poem. Submitted stories must be written specifically for reading using technology; this doesn’t mean a basic PDF or word file, as this contest is looking for creative ideas and user interactivity. If you’re feeling a little confused about what that means, check out the page of past winners and their projects (such as At Nightfall, the Goldfish and Cheatcodes for Hinterland Walkthroughs) for some inspiration! In order to submit to the New Media Writing competition, all you need to do is to produce your work in English. Anyone from around the world of any age or expertise is able to participate and all of the shortlisters and winners of this writing competition have the honour of getting their work archived in the British Library. In addition, the Chris Meade Memorial award rewards 1000 pounds, while the Digital Journalism Award, Opening Up Award, and Student Award offer a prize of around 500 pounds each. So, are you ready to bring your literacy work into the immersive and interactive digital world? Then make sure your submission is enabled and moving forward before the deadline in late November!

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