Sponsoring Institution: NAWIC Founder’s Scholarship Foundation

Type: Construction scholarship

Eligibility: Applicants of these construction scholarships and programs must be either high-school graduates or full time university students who are pursuing a construction-related degree or training program.

Application Deadline:

End of February – Undergraduate Scholarship, Construction Trades Scholarship

Mid April – OMC (Online Masters Colleges) Graduate Scholarships

Highlight: Did you know that 7% of the United States’ total GDP was accounted for by construction? Not only is the construction sector critical for economic growth, but it directly impacts each citizen’s life. Without construction, there would not be any hospitals, transportation, or infrastructure for education (that means no schools!). Construction is essential for the prosperity of a nation and if this sounds like something you want to pursue a career or degree in, then you should definitely apply to a NFSFS’s construction scholarship. From their Undergraduate Scholarship to their Construction Trades Scholarship and OMC Graduate Scholarships, the NAWIC Founders’ Scholarship Foundation has the perfect construction scholarship for you! The NFSF awards over $100 000 in construction scholarship prizes, with each construction scholarship ranging from $500 to $2500. Note that these construction scholarship applications ask for income, expenses, and a one page essay talking a bit about yourself and your story. For more information on eligibility for each construction scholarship, be sure to check out their website. Apply to a NFSF construction scholarship today and start paving your road to a new future!

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