Sponsoring Institution:  Council for Economic  Education

Type: Team Finance Challenge

-Must be a team of 3-4 US high school students. Everyone needs improved personal finance — invite friends and start your team 🙂
-Must register with a teacher — yes this opportunity does require the participation of a teacher — it can be one you have currently or one you’ve had in the past, or even one you hope to have in the future — Just one you would like to work with 🙂

Application Deadline: Teachers register their teams between January and March (depends on the state)

Highlight:In the National Personal Finance Challenge, finally learn how to do taxes in school! With this online, free personal finance challenge, students work in small teams with a teacher to complete tasks that show off personal finance knowledge. All you have to do is have a teacher register a team during the registration period from January to March. Be introduced to earning income, buying goods and services, using credit, investing, and protecting and insuring in this problem-solving personal finance challenge. Teams start at the state level, and winners there then move on to a more regional semi-final round of the National Personal Finance challenge. Top scorers at the next, and final round, are eligible for money prizes between $250 to $2,000 — meaning each of the students on the top four placing teams would win money! Students on 1st place teams win $2,000 each; those on second place teams win $1000 each; those on third place teams win $500 each and those on Fourth place teams win $250. Win the money in this round by creating a financial plan for a designated simulated family, and answering questions from the judges. Take your economic skills and insights to a valuable new high — wrangle up some friends and a teacher to participate in the next National Personal Finance Challenge!

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