Sponsoring Institution: MyBioSource Inc.

Type: STEM scholarship

Eligibility: High school seniors, college undergraduates, and graduates enrolled in any accredited university for the given semester with an intended major in a STEM field. 

Application Deadline: End of June

Highlight: Like college, the world of STEM is full of unknowns. You may be wondering, what am I going to do about that expensive price tag?! Well, you’re in luck! As a STEM scholarship from a distributor of laboratory items, the MyBioSource Scholarship is all about helping aspiring scientists get their foot in the door and make the next big breakthrough! The MyBioSource STEM Scholarship is a STEM scholarship program that provides funding for tuition, books, supplies, and other educational expenses for college students with intended majors in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Just fill in the application and attach a 250-word response about why you have chosen to enter the world of STEM to apply — probably something you’ve considered once or twice already! Five winners of this STEM scholarship will receive $1,000 each, so get inspired and apply!


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