Sponsoring Institution: Molecular Frontiers Foundation

Type:  Good Question Contest

Eligibility: Students under 18 from anywhere in the world

Application Deadline:  the application deadline is aligned with the occurrence of the annual Molecular Frontiers Symposium. If that event is impacted/ delayed  by COvid (or by something else), then the deadline for submissions is impacted as well!

Highlight: Every great invention begins with a question. The Molecular Frontiers Science contest awards students under the age of 18, with the best questions about anything science! All you need to be eligible for this science contest is to be under 18 — there is no minimum age limit! You could be 7 and still have your question be judged by Nobel prize winners through this science contest. In order to submit your question for this science contest, register through their website. You can check out the winning questions from past years for inspiration! Some of the winning questions are: “How did life form from non-life matter”, “Why do humans dream?”etc. Ten students with the best questions win a medal, a certificate, and a cool device like an iPad! Winners of this science contest are also invited to attend the grand award ceremony at the Molecular Frontiers Foundation’s annual symposium. So what are you waiting for? Never underestimate the value of an inquiry. Unveil your curiosity and submit your question on everything science!

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