Sponsoring Institution: Mindsumo

Type: Scholarship Contest

Eligibility: ALL high school, college or graduate students or individuals over 18 planning to enter college anywhere

Application Deadline: No deadline, continuous

Highlight: Do you look at questions or solve problems a little differently? Then that’s all you need to apply for these mini-scholarships (well, and be over 18 years old and sign up)! Scholarship idea started out of Stanford accelerator StartX. Companies pose a problem (business or engineering challenge) they may have and ask for suggestions on how to solve it. Apply your creative genius to come up with a solution, and maybe even win some money! Top 10% of each solution are part of a $1000 pool; next 15% are part of a $400 pool; and next 25% are part of a $200 pool. See how much students have earned!! New challenges each week! It can take as little as 15 minutes to answer questions. And there’s no limit! ANSWER AS MANY AS YOU WANT!!
So get in there with your ideas! Get a little crazy 🙂

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