Sponsoring Institution: Microsoft

Type: Contest

Eligibility: Students aged 16+ in a group of 4 members

Application Deadline: Registration closes in January.. Submissions are due in February for semifinals… Date of Finals TBD and Winners announced at some point after that

Highlight: Have you ever wanted to try your hand at solving global issues with other students around the world? Then consider registering for Microsoft’s Imagine Cup problem solving contest! This problem solving contest allows participants to gain new skills, have access to exclusive training, unlock mentorship opportunities, and have the chance to make a difference. There are 4 different categories you can compete in: earth, education, health, and lifestyle. In order to participate in Microsoft’s problem solving contest, you must be a student over the age of 16, be in a team of 4 members connected virtually through discord, and create a solution to an issue that includes a Microsoft Azure component. Don’t be worried! Microsoft provides free Azure learning paths to help guide you along the way and $100 in Azure credit for free so you can succeed in their problem solving contest. This problem solving contest starts off with a kick off event and epic challenge (a 3 minute project pitch and proposal), then the semifinals (virtual live judging), the top teams advance to the world finals, and then the global winner is announced. For additional resources, you can check out their Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram. So, if this international problem solving contest piques your interest, feel free to check out their past winners and register today!

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