Sponsoring Institution: PixelPAD

Type: Python Coding Contest

Eligibility: Students ages 13 to 18 who live in Canada are eligible to apply for this online coding contest.

Application Deadline:
Registration Deadline: Mid March
Online coding contest Begins (Theme Announced): The day after registration deadline
Submission Deadline: Late March
Awards Announced: Late March
Public’s Choice Award Announced: Early April

Highlight:  When it comes to diversity, the winner of the most diverse demographic would have to be gaming. There’s multiple age groups, types of games, gaming graphics, and more. For this contest, it has to do with creating and coding a game. In order to qualify for this online coding contest, you must live in Canada and be 13-18 years of age. PixelPad is the sponsor of this contest and they are known for their use of Python for their games. The games must be coded with Python in order to qualify but other than that it’s up to the creativity of the developers. Check out Nautical Twilight (where you become a little octopus trying to save the ocean), or Crumbs, where you are the granddaughter of a baker, trying to save your brother from a mysterious disease in your town; these are just 2 of the games developed by past winners. You can check out more stunning games here! Solo developers and teams can hone in and show off their game development skills by coding a game using Python in PixelPAD. The deadline is Mid March, and the day after the theme is released, you are given two weeks to create your game. Game submissions for the online coding contest are due at the end of March. Winners for this online coding contest are announced around late March with two different awards up for grabs! Your game will be judged by PixePad, with the top three teams winning various prizes. The second award is a Public’s Choice award where your game will be played and judged by random players around the world! The teams with the highest votes win this award! Still have some questions? Check out their FAQ page! So, if all this sounds interesting to you, grab your favorite coding partner or just rock out by yourself and sign up here for this creative online coding contest!  

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