Sponsoring Institution: The International Centre for Diffraction Data

Type: Research Scholarship

Eligibility: The applicant should be a graduate student enrolled in a graduate degree program during the 2022 calendar year, with a major interest in the following:
• crystallography e.g. crystal structure analysis
• crystal morphology
• modulated structures
• correlation of atomic structure with physical properties
• systematic classification of crystal structures
• phase identification
• materials characterization

Application Deadline: Opens October/ Closes December

Highlight: Do you happen to be a fan of structural science? If you are not sure and would like to explore this multi-faceted world further, you might want to check out the Summer Crystallography Workshop … Of course if you are already a student in the field of Crystallography looking to ease the financial burden of your advanced studies, then this Crystallography Scholarship might be the perfect fit for you. In order to apply for the Crystallography Scholarship, you must be a graduate student in the field and must simply apply via submitting your research proposal and your educational background and achievements….pretty standard research stuff. So essentially just by showing what you’ve been doing, you would be in for a chance at a $2,500 reward via the Crystallography Scholarship. The Crystallography Scholarship application is open from October through December. Who knows? It could provide you with just the sort of structure your were looking for!

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