Sponsoring Institution: Loran Scholars Foundation

Type: Scholarship program

Eligibility: For high school students:
• be in your final year of uninterrupted full-time studies in high school
• have an average grade of 85%
• hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status
• be at least 16 years of age

For Quebec students in CEGEP:
• need to have an R score equal to or higher than 29
• can only apply after 1 year of CEGEP if student will go to a university outside of Quebec

Application Deadline: Opens in September, closes in October

Highlight: Canadian high school graduates across Canada are always in need of some additional funds for their post-secondary school program. Students are constantly looking for scholarships they might be eligible for in hopes of earning some additional funds for school. If this describes you, then the Loran Education Foundation Scholars is a scholarship program you should know about. Unlike many scholarship programs that focus on demonstration of academic achievement, this scholarship program focuses on student integrity, grit, courage, and personal autonomy. They operate on the belief that “breadth, openness to challenge,  and willingness to take risk are more important than any quantitative measure of promise”. How do they figure that out, you might ask? They have a different approach to the application process that involves personal interviews …. A LOT of them with ALOT of applicants! Over 5000 applicants apply to this scholarship program with nearly 2,000 of them moving on to be interviewed! There is an additional in-person interview with the final 90 candidates of this contest. Students describe the application process/ interview experience as a journey in and of itself. At the end of the process, 36 finalists are selected and receive $100,000 that can be used for tuition to any of the 25  Canadian universities that are partnered with the Loren ScholarsFoundation, as well as  to support summer work experience and mentorship. An additional 120 finalists receive $2000 or $5000 that they can use at any public university in Canada. Soooo…Sign up to take advantage of A LOT of opportunity for some funding support for your Canadian post secondary journey!

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