Sponsoring Institution: American Red Cross

Type: Blood Drive

Eligibility: Must be a high school or college student in the US 

Application Deadline: One-day blood drives that you organize and offer when school is out. Divided into 3 periods:
Winter: Dec 15th – Jan 15th
Summer: June 1st- August 31st
Spring:  Jan 16th- may 31st

Highlight: Thinking of going into nursing or medicine? Or maybe you just generally like helping in ways that demonstrate real impact? Well, maybe think about collecting blood — not from a vampire or serial killer, or anything… just from your friends and neighbours! Make your mark on the world by hosting a blood drive at your school! Choose a time when school is out of session to host a blood drive and get a chance to demonstrate leadership and contribute to something that saves lives! It’s a bit of an opportunity and scholarship rolled into one — which is why we feature it in both databases! There is a bit of a competitive element as well: depending on how many pints you collect you could win a gift card  and be eligible for several scholarship draws!  All you need to do to prepare to demonstrate your community leadership efforts in this drive is access to a large open room, and a small group of dedicated friends to help you assemble a few more volunteers and lots of donors! – the Red Cross provides equipment, supplies, and trained staff (and COVID precautions) the day of the drive! And thanks to Ashley Grader for sending us her helpful map of blood donor clinics all over the US, making it easy to know how you can coordinate your drive locally! Help save lives while gaining leadership skills by hosting a blood drive today in this community leadership scholarship…it’s BLOODY BRILLIANT!


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