Sponsoring Institution: Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom

Type: Essay Competition


  • Canadian youth 
  • 15-24 years
  • The essay should be a MINIMUM of 1000 words and NOT EXCEED 2,500 words. 
  • Your essay must be submitted in PDF or Word format using the form below, or email it to 

Application Deadline: End of October usually at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Highlight: Are you a Canadian youth ages 15-24 with a passion for political issues or a general interest in considering and weighing in on government policies and mandates that impact our lives?  With this Youth  Essay Contest, now renamed the Brandon Langhjelm Memorial Essay contest, you can explore the arguments for and against a topical justice issue and discuss how your particular take may apply to society today!. Each year, the topic changes to a different government topic, and this year that topic is whether the Canadian govt’s policy of making access to digital ID technologies a precondition of access to essential services and goods violates individual citizen’s rights and freedoms..  Enjoy yourself  debating the pros and cons of this cutting edge current issue justice essay contest. Consider the examples they provide and any ideas or instances from your own experience. Spend some time wrapping your head around the implications for requiring digital technology access,  the potential repercussions for not requiring it, and any options you simply feel could be more just.  Check out last years’ winning submission here! Utilize your writing skills, explore your passion for political and government issues, and write a 1,000-2,500 word essay by the end of October to give yourself the opportunity to win anywhere from $500-$2,000 by sharing your well formulated approach from your considered perspective!

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