Sponsoring Institution: Live Poets Society of New Jersey

Type: Poetry Contest 

Eligibility: All U.S. High School Students can enter this poetry contest. Students can submit poems through June 30th of their senior year. 

Application Deadline: Winners for this poetry contest are selected quarterly. Deadlines for entries are: September 30 for Winter Issue, December 31 for Spring Issue, March 31 for Summer Issue, and June 30 for Fall Issue. 

Highlight: Are you a wordsmith? Or a fan of Wordsworth? Then you might fancy this poetry contest! No theme or style requirements to bog you down, and you have four times a year to try your hand. Even better, all students, including previous winners, can resubmit poems quarterly to this poetry contest….So  keep it short! (20 lines or less — not counting title or spaces between stanzas , of course!) Poems must be original, unpublished, and not entered in any other poetry contest. You can continuously submit your poems every quarter, so keep them coming! All winners get their poetry contest entry published (yes, we said published — for real!) and have 6 months after graduation (to confirm your college admission) to use any and all winnings! Take a look on the website and be inspired by the poems of previous winners! Grab your digital quill and let your inner Shakespeare or Seuss out!

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