Sponsoring Institution: Department of United States Army

Type: Research competition

Eligibility: Open to US high school students in grades 9-12 with a regional JSHS competition in their area.
Students can nominate teachers from their school, as well.

Application Deadline: Opens September…closes in December…Competition begins in January and goes through March

Highlight: Be it land, water or air, the US Departments of the Army, Navy and Air Force serve their country from all sides. The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, provides young aspiring STEM researchers a chance for their scientific fervour to gain public recognition.Are you in grade 9-12 and have an interest in research within STEM? Do you also enjoy carrying out STEM research in a particular area of study? Well then, consider this opportunity that High school students across the US can take to move their individual research to another level! With over 8 categories for grades 9-12 to choose from, the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium National contest may be perfect for you! To enter, you must submit a 250 word abstract on your research topic in electronic format to the JSHS competition along with the Title of your research, Authors name(s), High school, high school city, high school state and the name of teacher/mentor/sponsor. This is an opportunity that helps students chase their passions and demonstrate their desire by showcasing their skills! As a student applicant placing in the top 3, you could even land a cash prize ranging from $1000-$12,000! Applications for this research competition open in September and close in December, with the competition taking place in January. During the contest you will even have access to Virtual Mentors to answer your research questions! So what are you waiting for? Choose your category and let the research begin!

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