Sponsoring Institution: Jet Surety

Type: Essay Contest

High School Seniors  who are also United States citizens/residents and who are planning on attending a postsecondary institution recognized by the contest sponsor.

Application Deadline:
Fall semester: End of January
Spring semester: unknown at the time we researched. Only one deadline appears at a time.

Are you a current student that shows passion for the world of business? With its commitment to providing financial support to the next generation of business leaders, the Jet Future Business Leaders Scholarship will be a great opportunity for you.

If you are a graduating high school senior or a currently enrolled college student who is interested in pursuing a career in business living in the United States, you will be awarded with $1,000 in this essay scholarship. All you have to do is submit a 250 to 500 word essay answering the prompt “Describe a specific project or initiative you would like to undertake in your early career to contribute positively to society or address a pressing issue.”

Keep on tryin! You are allowed to re-apply in the next semester in case you did not win. Past winners, however, cannot re-apply for this essay scholarship.

Don’t miss out on this amazing chance and apply for this essay scholarship now to join the future business leaders!

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