Sponsoring Institution: Ito En

Type: Scholarship

All ages and nationalities

Application Deadline:
Mid-late February

Calling all haiku enthusiasts! The Ito En Haiku Contest is open for submission from November to February and invites you to share your creativity with the world. This annual competition is a celebration of Japanese poetry and cultural expression for haiku enthusiasts. The haiku that you compose captures the essence of a moment or emotion. Your haiku could be a simple observation of nature, a profound reflection on life, a whimsical expression of imagination, or anything your imagination soars to. The contest requires you to write your haiku in the traditional 5-7-5 syllable structure and everyone of any age and anywhere is welcome to apply. Winners will receive cash prizes from ¥20,000 (~136.00) to ¥200,000 (~1,360.00) for the top haiku. In addition to the cash prizes, 2000 selected haikus will be published on the drink packaging for all those to see. A total of 5000 winners will be awarded through this competition so be sure to apply. If you need any inspiration to get you started be sure to check out past winners on their website. The application requirements include ensuring that this haiku has not been published elsewhere and is composed only in English or Japanese (a combination is also allowed). More thoroughly detailed instructions can be found on their website. Share your unique perspective and creativity with the world through a haiku. Showcase your literary talent and contribute to the legacy of haiku. So apply before the February deadline here to refine your poetic skills and connect with a community of fellow haiku enthusiasts.

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