British Columbia Society

Sponsoring Institution: Irving K. Barber British Columbia Society Scholarships

Type:  10 awards @ $10,000 available for Women in Tech                                                          3 awards @$1,000-$5,000 available for Indigenous Students                                                    2 transfer student scholarships @$5,000 and                                                                                  2 scholarships @$1,000-$$10,000 for students in international study programs outside of North America

Eligibility: -Canadian citizen or permanent resident                                                                      -British Columbia resident for one year prior to beginning program                                          -award specific requirements (Women in Tech, International Study, Indigenous Students, Transfer Students)                                                                                                                                -completed at least 1 yr full-time postsecondary studies                                                            -GPA of B+ or higher

Application Deadline: Varies. Women in Tech deadline is May; Indigenous Student awards deadline is March; Transfer Students awards deadline is February; International Study deadline varies by program

Highlight: Welcome to the Wild West! A total of 17 scholarships available for British Columbia students through this society named after philanthropist Irving K. Barber.  First, one for the future leading ladies of tech: 10 hefty awards of $10,000 each to aid the talented women bridging the gender gap in technology majoring in Math, Computer/Data Science, or Engineering in BC university programs .  In addition, there are 3 separate multi-year awards available specifically for Indigenous Students  (1 for students pursuing trades training, apprenticeships, diplomas, certificates or undergraduate degrees, another for those looking to start or complete Masters/ Doctoral Studies,  and 1 for those pursuing a teaching certificate). Rounding out their offerings are 2 scholarships available for International Studies and 2 more for Transferring Students. Many of these are multi-year awards as well! Could be something to save for university years 2, 3, or 4 if your postsecondary plans take you to British Columbia. 

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