Sponsoring Institution: IPPAwards

Type: Photography contest

Eligibility: Anyone can enter this photography contest… it’s especially easy for anyone with an iphone!

Application Deadline: End of MARCH

Highlight: Click! Do you enjoy photography? Are you in need of a new apple watch, apple air ipad, or a gold or platinum bar? Well if that’s the case I have the perfect opportunity for you! IPP ( iphone photography) awards has an excellent photography contest; to enter, you can be any age, in any grade, and live anywhere. There are a few minor restrictions for this photography contest.Photographers must use an iphone or /ipad and should not have previously published any submitted photos. Side note: posts on personal accounts (Facebook, Instagram etc.) are eligible fyi. Something else to note about this photography contest: the photos cannot be altered in any desktop image processing program such as Photoshop, but you can use any IOS apps or iPhone/iPad apps. If you want to get fancy, iPhone add-on lenses can also be used. It is important to note that this photography contest has a small entry fee (about $5.50 USD per image).The deadline is the end of March, so y’all better get clicking!

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