Sponsoring Institution: Lucie Foundation

Type: Photography Contest

• The IPA competition is open to any living photographer, 18 years of age or older, from any country.
• Professional photographers will be judged against other professionals and non-professionals against other non-professionals and students.
• Professional: who either earn, or have earned, some or all of their living from photography, and/or have had their photographic work published, and/or are a member of a photographic association or organization
• Non-professional: do not fall under any of the above (Professional) categories.
• Student: if you are currently a full-time or part-time student. It is not necessary to be studying photography. A student of any subject can qualify.

Application Deadline: End of February annually

Highlight: Are you over the age of 18 and a  professional photographer, or perhaps you just have an eye for the perfect image? Would you like the opportunity to enter your photography into a competition to possibly win a prize or to have it seen by others? The International Photography Awards by the Lucie Foundation is one of the most globally recognised and astute foundations for up-and-coming photographers and could help your eye for detail to be showcased for many to see possibly including on exhibition in New York. There are 9 photography award categories for both sections of the competition (Professional and Non-Professional) ranging from advertising, nature, people or even fine art, the opportunities are endless. Alongside this, depending on which initial category you choose, the 13 Category winners in the Professional Categories will each receive a $1,000 cash prize, and the 13 Category winners in the Non-Professional Categories will each receive a $500 prize in addition to 2 tickets to the Lucie Awards Gala in New York city. About the judging — not only could you be in for a chance to win a cash prize, you may also be in for a chance to be announced as either The International photographer of the year (Professional Categories) or Discovery of the Year (Non-Professional Categories). It is said “photography is a story a person fails to put into words” so why not capture your untold story and enter it into a competition where you talent could be in for a chance to be rewarded! Make sure to enter by the 28th February 2022 to ensure your photography … and talent…can be recognised!

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