Sponsoring Institution: Goi Peace Foundation

Type: Essay Contest

Eligibility: Anyone in the world up to 25 years old can enter this international essay contest!

Application Deadline: June 15th, 2021

Highlight: Have you ever drifted off and contemplated the meaning of life? Why you exist? Why we do things the way we do? What we are individually motivated by? If you have come up with your own theories or musings on these complex queries, then it’s your time to shine through this international essay contest! In 700 words, write (in English, Japanese, or French) about what life means to you in this international essay contest for young people offered by the Goi Peace Foundation. Youth up to the age of 25 are welcome to enter this international essay contest, in either the children (0-14 years old) or youth (15-25 years old) age categories, to win prize money ranging from US$450-900. In addition to the cash prizes, this international essay contest offers a plethora of awards like certificates and gifts. Check out past years award winning essays for reference, and know that there are no strict rules or guidelines for how you portray your personal beliefs and ideas in this international essay contest. Get creative! Apply to this international essay contest today to get your voice heard by the world!

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