Sponsoring Institution: Heartland Film, Inc

Type: Film competition

• Must be a high school student, and can be from anywhere in the world

Application Deadline: Mid April

Highlight: And..… Action! Have you ever really thought about the world of film? It’s a creative field of art, from short story videos on Youtube to cinematic movies that may end up playing on gigantic screens. The real question is, have you ever been INTERESTED in the world of film? If so, we have a filmmaking contest calling your name! Take a look at Indy Shorts’s High School Film Competition, a filmmaking contest that encourages tomorrow’s filmmakers to follow their passion. This is an international filmmaking contest with a few different categories, like Narrative, Documentary, Animated, and Indiana Spotlight (the criteria for this category can be found on their FAQ’s page). These categories offer a $500 cash prize each. If you are one of the lucky winners of this filmmaking contest, you and the other winners from each category will then compete for the $2,000 Summer White Lynch Memorial Award. Does the sound of this filmmaking contest intrigue you? Well, all submissions will be taken through FilmFreeway’s Indy Short International Film Festival submission page. There is a submission fee of $10, but if you are an Indiana resident, your submission fee can be waived. Click on this link for more submission details. The submissions close mid April and participants will be notified by early June. By the way, Indy Shorts is part of their annual International Film Festival, if you’re interested in that! Before applying, please read the website thoroughly. Good luck and take the filmmaking world by storm! CUT!

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