Sponsoring Institution: N/A

Type: Essay Competition 

Eligibility: 13-18 years old from anywhere 🙂

Application Deadline: The end of August

Highlight: Would you like to be part of one of the prestigious Oxford, Cambridge, London, or Sydney university’s summer programs? How about a chance to win a full or partial scholarship to attend? Well, look no more because the Immerse Education essay competition can help you with that. This essay competition is unlike any other because this competition can fund a variety of programs that can be online or in residence at one of the above-mentioned universities! Depending on your interests and situation, you can select an online or in-person program that best fits you! There is a program for career insight (career-related topics), another for educational insight (more academic topics), and even a specific online research track — for one-on-one online research with an Ivy league student mentor. You have a variety of options in many different fields! In fact, for your essay competition, there are above 10 options of essay-type questions that you can answer. Your essay needs to be in a single PDF document, double-spaced, and written in Times New Roman, font size 11. This essay scholarship also offers more details that could help you with your essay and you can find it here so take advantage of your resources. You could be anywhere around the world to participate in this essay competition. If you want to get a chance to challenge yourself and tried something new for your growth then you should definitely apply to this essay competition. At the end of this essay competition, there will be 10 winners that will be awarded a 100% scholarship to enter their program and the runners-up (about 7% of entrants) will receive up to 70% scholarship! So don’t 2nd guess yourself or your chances of winning and grab your pen to apply now…. because the next winner could be you!

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