Sponsoring Institution: Interior Design Educators Council

Type: Design Competition

Eligibility: Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate interior design programs that have at least one faculty that is a member of IDEC (Interior Design Educators Council) are eligible to enter.

Application Deadline: Early February

Highlight: If you’re a student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate interior design program (and you happen to hopefully have at least one faculty member that is a member of IDEC , you should definitely look into IDEC’s design competition. They host a design competition annually that discusses topics that are important to making our world a better place. This year’s topic is immigration, you need to develop a narrative by creating a journey map and user story for either a small group of refugees or a single refugee. Based on this you need to design a Refugee environment that is a maximum of 50 square meters. After finishing your design and research you need to create a visual presentation within a single 24×48 poster. It must include the following– a design concept (maximum 100 words) supported by visuals, along with a written narrative describing the refugee(s) ,their journey (maximum 350 words), a visual representation of critical aspects of the refugee journey in context to the environment,  and the created place of refuge (of course). ( Note that these pieces are recommended but not required). The coolest thing is that their website has more specifics and info on the judging process and they even provide resources and access to last year’s winners poster to help you get inspired. Note that students can work individually or in a team of no more than four and that the project must be supervised by a faculty member and completed in one week (7 days) including all changes, edits and revisions.The winners of this competition receive $1,000; Second Place: $750; Third Place: $500. It is such an important topic and these refugees truly need the help of designer majors to help create a safe and humane environment that a lot of refugees do not receive. You can be proactive about this cause all while learning design concepts and maybe even win $1,000, so if I were you I would start brainstorming.

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