Sponsoring Institution: HomeLight

Type: Real Estate Scholarship

Eligibility: For this real estate scholarship you must be:
1)At least eighteen and
2)A US resident, Enrolled in full-time undergraduate study OR a high school senior planning to go to college in Fall 2021

Application Deadline: Fall: November 15, 2021, Spring: April 15, 2022
This real estate scholarship repeats every semester.

Highlight: As we get older we love to think about the life we have ahead of us. From moving out, to getting married, to owning your dream home! Homelight is offering a real estate scholarship of $1,000 to a senior planning to attend an accredited college in Fall 2021 who is also interested in real estate. Real Estate is a proven, solid investment gaining even more popularity and traction in recent years, so there are a lot of new people who are interested. Why not start to explore your area of real estate interest with this real estate scholarship? It’s not even just about having an interest in buying or selling homes! If designing, building, decorating, renovating, making homes energy efficient,  placing people in homes, or even just looking at the real estate investment market  is something that you want to do, then this real estate scholarship is a great opportunity for you! While building on your real estate skills, you build on other skills such as networking, communication, strong work ethic, and other soft skills that may help you in any longer term real estate goals. With such broad eligibility requirements and the potential to launch great networking and skillsbuilding opportunities in a number of housing subject areas, this scholarship is perfect for home lover in everyone! Apply to this real estate scholarship now!

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