Sponsoring Institution: HMMT

Type: Math Competition with Cash rewards

Eligibility: High School students grades 9-12. International.

Application Deadline: For the fall: Window of acceptance in September and October
For the winter: maybe December and January window of acceptance? Information on application deadlines may be more available at the start of each school year, as it is student run.

Highlight: Do you believe you need more challenging math problems than the traditional ones your high school may offer you? Well HMMT may be right for you! Founded in 1998, HMMT is one of the largest and most prestigious high school competitions in the world! Each of their tournaments consists of 1000 students from across the globe. Not only that but HMMT is entirely student-run. Students at Harvard, MIT, and other nearby schools organize the competitions themselves. They prioritize interests in math and give students an opportunity to reach beyond traditional math curriculums. No computational aids allowed…just the bare necessities of you, paper and pen-cil, and your brain! Keep a close eye on applications because the window of accepting applications is pretty tight for both competitions: around 3 weeks in September/October for the November competition and likely the same 3 week window in December and January for the February competition. There’s a bit of difference between the two competitions, if interested in the difference you can check here! Head to the website today to see more information!

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