Sponsoring Institution: Hand and Lock

Type: Embroidery Contest

Open to students and design enthusiasts anywhere in the world. (There is a students division and a professional division)
You simply have to register then submit your project

Highlight:  Do you have a new or well-established interest in embroidered design?  If so, then you shoud know that there is a contest out there (Hand and Lock Embroidery Contest) that is precisely for you!  What is this all about and who is this for, you might ask? Established in 2000 to simply promote embroidery, this contest now attracts students and professional designers from over 40 countries and has expanded beyond embroidery to now include broader textile arts as well as interior and accessory design, and even fashion. Registration takes place between October and March  and the application deadline is July.  The idea is to both highlight the skill  that goes into this intricate craft and to help bring together a community. Each year has a particular theme, and the competition has two stages. The first stage is a 2 month window for applicants to submit their work. Those selected for a second round would then get to work with a professional mentor to perfect their submission. The final round is judged in an in-person evening with the finalists and winners often going on to start their own business or work with such designers as Alexander McQueen or Chanel. Still have questions? Contact prize@handembroidery.com. Get your questions and concerns addressed and don’t miss the chance to learn more about (and join!) a community you connect with! Check out the Hand and Lock Embroidery Contest this year.

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