Sponsoring Institution: Young Heroes Project

Type: Project & Essay scholarship

• Between ages 8-18
• Permanent residents of USA or Canada
• Currently working or have worked on an inspiring project within the past 12 months

Highlight: Heroes aren’t only in movies, but exist in our reality too. The Gloria Barron Prize scholarship program acknowledges this by recognizing 25 exceptional students across North America for their contribution to the people and society around them. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be between 8 to 18 years of age and be permanent residents currently residing in either the US or Canada. Participants of this scholarship program should be currently working on, or have recently completed work on, an inspiring service project in the last 12 months. The service program should be individually led by the applicant, as group applications from multiple participants are not allowed. Your project could be anything as long as it positively impacts the people or environment around you! Maybe you created an organization that conducts awareness programs on sanitation within your community or maybe you invented a piece of technology or are leading a practical effort that benefits the environment. For  ideas and inspiration you can check out the past winners here along with some possible resources to get your project up and running. You can get started really anytime though the application process officially opens in January and runs through mid-April. So, if you have ideas, stop worrying whether other people have better ones than yours  and try them out! There  is no time like the present to make an effort to positively impact your community. So showcase your inner hero and give it a shot. Put your plan in motion and apply now !

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