Sponsoring Institution: The Global Youth Economics Forum

Type: Scholarship, competitions

Must be at least in the middle school; but applicants can be in high school and in college as well. It looks like they welcome students from anywhere in the world.

Application Deadline:
Events/ talks can be signed up for (free) through membership found in the “get involved” tab
Competition deadlines for application will vary based on the competition, but are always clearly visible.

Global Youth Economics Forum is your gateway to the world of economics, finance, business, and higher education! An organizatrion started during the pandemic by NY high school student, Lina Lin,  it offers both Events (in the form of free online seminars) as well as an annual competition; competitions are different for every year but always based on giving applicants an opportunity to apply their knowledge of various business/finance/economics theories while enhancing their knowledge of current events. For online seminars, join the premier program designed for high school and college students. Connect with industry professionals, from Harvard project managers to economists, market trade associates, and real estate coaches. Don’t miss the plethora of upcoming events on topic areas like economic growth, real estate, corporate banking, creating a Linkedin profile, and more! Also check out their annual competition which varies in format and timing from year to year.
Past competitions have included the Global Essay Writing Competition and a Quiz Bowl.
Secure your spot by registering and become part of Global Youth Economics Forum’s global community of learners. Jumpstart your professional journey by applying and thrive in college and beyond with their flagship programs and competition initiatives.

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