Sponsoring Institution: Global Scholarship Foundation

Type: Scholarship for International students

It is required that you are an international student and not a citizen of the country that your intended college is in.
You must be a student who will enroll in a post-high school degree program in the fall of 2024.
If the student is chosen to be a finalist for the scholarship, they must provide a copy of their passport, an acceptance letter or proof of attendance of a university, and a written agreement to fulfill social media responsibilities if they win.

Application Deadline:
Late May

Are you a driven international student ready to seize a golden opportunity? is excited to unveil its inaugural $1,000 Scholarship for international students. This is a rare chance for international students like you to secure external funding for your postsecondary degree program, whether it’s a diploma, Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D., or a professional program like law or medicine.
They’re not just looking for academic excellence; they want to reward those who have maximized their potential and will continue to do so in the future. The application process is straightforward yet impactful—submit a compelling essay detailing your educational journey and how you’ve maximized your potential within your circumstances. Showcase your merit, writing skills, and vision for the future, and you could be on your way to becoming the next Global Scholarships success story.
The application deadline is the end of May, so don’t miss this opportunity to potentially ease your financial burden and gain recognition for your achievements. Apply to Global Scholarships and take the first step away from home towards a brighter future!


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