Sponsoring Institution: GeneTex Scholarship

Type: Essay contest 

Eligibility: This STEM scholarship is for all declared STEM majors enrolled in an accredited university/college in the U.S. or internationally! That’s right, ANYWHERE in the world!

Application Deadline: This is a bi-annual STEM scholarship. The submission deadline for the Spring program is mid-December, and the submission deadline for the Fall program is at the end of July.

Highlight: Calling all STEM majors! The world needs you! As technology advances our lives, so does the need for STEM majors! That is to say, through this STEM scholarship sponsored by GeneTex organization, you have the opportunity to use $2000 towards your college fees! With this STEM scholarship, GeneTex is looking to award the student that effectively reflects on the impact of scientific discovery on their life in 500 words or less. With only 500 words or less you’ve applied!  You are already in a rigorous major with the future in your hands, so why not use this opportunity to talk about something that might have impacted your decision to be where you are, and get some financial aid for your efforts? Apply now to this STEM scholarship! We’re counting on you future engineers and scientists!!


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