Sponsoring Institution: t^2 & friends

Type: Creative Writing Scholarship

Must be 18+ to enter, must register (complete the form) as team of between 2-6 members

Application Deadline:

Ever dreamt of turning your words into an adventure shared with friends around the globe? Friends Who Write is not your typical writing contest; it’s a celebration of friendship, knowledge, and individual creativity. Beyond crafting essays, chapters, or papers, this contest is about the collective spirit of perseverance, where every word contributes to a shared triumph. Dive into Friends Who Write’s Discord server, expand your writers circle, and join the adventure of a full month of writing. The prizes are as exciting as the journey itself: from a chance to win a group trip worth $2,500 for consistent writers to cash prizes for impactful submissions. Whether you’re into essays, short stories, or blog posts, Friends Who Write welcomes all voices and is flexible with both formats and topic areas; the only requirement they seem to have is that weekly submissions be at least 1000 words. Ready for the challenge? Register, form your Friends Who Write team, and let the writing adventure begin! To join, complete the official Friends Who Write registration form, gather your Friends Who Write team of 2-6 members, and explore the wide range of topics you can submit under. Publish at least one post every week in any Friends Who Write Territory to remain in contention for the Completion Prize. Plus, Friends Who Write teams with the most read posts stand a chance to win cash prizes. There’s no limitation on the prizes you can win, so you could be rewarded for both consistency and impact. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen Friends Who Write friendships, showcase your creativity, and contribute to a collective writing triumph.

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