Church Hill Classics

Sponsoring Institution: Church Hill Classics

Type: Creative Scholarship Contest

Must be a US citizen entering a US university or college as a full time student in the upcoming school year to be eligible for this creative scholarship …you just can’t be employed by Church Hill Classics 

Application Deadline: April 1st 11:59PM  EST

Highlight: Often applying to scholarships feel like a drag on a student because of the long essays they require or because it does not cater to them. But with the Frame my Future’s creative scholarship, students are given one simple concept to consider creatively: How I Frame my Future. In this creative scholarship, students are given the artistic liberty to demonstrate the future they want for themselves. Along with their entry piece, students will include a description of no longer than 500 words to help with the interpretation of the piece. Sponsors of this creative scholarship will be looking for creative, original, and convincing evidence of how driven a student is; entries can include photographs, collage, drawing, painting, or graphic design pieces. Each winner will have a completely unique art style reflecting that completely unique student, so any student interested in the fine arts should not be intimidated to enter this creative scholarship because any one has a chance of winning and you are the only you! This creative scholarship will be open for applications from November to April. So go ahead and check out the website today for more information and rules and let your view on your future you shine through!

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