Sponsoring Institution: Florin Roebig Trial Attorneys

Type: Essay scholarship

• Be a student enrolled full-time at a secondary or post-secondary academic institution in the U.S.
• Be at least 18 years old at the time of entry

Highlight: Hey US students, Florin Roebig Law Firm is offering you an opportunity to communicate your perspective in an essay scholarship contest they are starting to host this year! To participate in this essay scholarship, you need to write a 1,200 word essay about “Ensuring Equal Voting Rights for All’’. The idea is to share your experience as a student during an election year in order to give them some insights into the present and potential long term effects of a year long election on college students. You are free to explore all the aspects of equal voting rights for everyone and their implications, of course.  All submitted essays will be judged based on the content quality and originality. As a winner, you  can win up to $750 in scholarships, which would be sent to your university and would apply directly to your tuition.  To submit your essay for this essay scholarship you simply need to email your name, your major, and the name of the institution you are attending,  along with your Student ID …and your essay!… to Scholarship@FlorinRoebig.com.  It’s the perfect contest for those who  want to weigh in on the democracy of democracy!

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