Sponsoring Institution: Talking Rain Beverage Company

Type: Video contest

• Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident of the United States
• Must be a high school senior with a min 2.5 GPA
• Must enroll as a freshman or 1st year student in part-time or full-time study at a 2-year, 4-year, college, university, trade or vocational school
• Cannot be a relative or dependent child of an employee of Talking Rain or any of its retail customers

Application Deadline: End of February

Highlight: Are you a US citizen who is looking for a fun contest that can possibly help pay your post-secondary tuition? The Sparkling Ice Flavorful Futures is offering a scholarship contest for a chance to win $5,000, that can be applied to any trade, vocational, or academic 2-year or 4-year program. All you need to do is make a three-minute video highlighting your passion and explain how your passion will drive you to contribute to your future and your community. For this scholarship contest, you need to select one focus pillar where you will direct your passion such as sustainability initiatives, diversity and inclusion or community involvement. You can also choose your own focus area to talk about your unique passion and how it will drive your future. You will also need to mention how this $5,000 scholarship will help you accomplish your goals. As Marcus Thomas once said, “Speak your dream into existence and the universe will attract the right circumstances and conditions for it to be realized”So if you already are a high school senior, ready to follow your dreams, apply to this scholarship contest and start speaking your dream to the universe!

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