Sponsoring Institution: Export Development Canada

Type: Youth Scholarship

Eligibility: Canadian citizens, enrolled in full time bachelor programs studying international business at a Canadian institutions are eligible for this youth scholarship

Application Deadline: Submissions accepted November-February. Winner selected in April

Highlight: Okay, check this out if you’re a Canadian student enrolled in an undergraduate international business program at a Canadian college or university — chances are you’re already eligible! This isn’t a contest or a test of wits. These are bona fide youth scholarships awarded strictly on your resume, experience and desire to pursue a career in international business! There are 30 youth scholarships available, and if you’re selected in the spring, you’ll be awarded $4,000 in the fall; it’s that simple. If you have a B grade average, and are enrolled in a bachelor’s program pursuing international business alone or in combination with environmental sustainability studies, you’re immediately qualified to be a candidate. The selection committee for these youth scholarships is only looking for a few things: Are you a leader? Have you performed well academically? Do you have an interest in pursuing business internationally? Applying is super easy (go to EDC Business Scholarships): just submit your transcript, a reference letter, your resume,  and your own personal letter of intent  and then wait to hear back in April! If you’re somebody who’s on the “come up” right now for a future in international  business, and you want a little extra assistance, take a shot at winning one of these youth scholarships!

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