Sponsoring Institution: Elks National Foundation Program (ENF)

Type: Academic Performance and Community Leadership Scholarship

Eligibility: Current High School Seniors(Entering grade 12)
Must be a citizen of the United States

Application Deadline: Application deadline is mid-November

Highlight: Are you a US high student in your senior year looking for a scholarship that can reward you as much as $50,000? If so, then the Elks Scholarship is the right one for you to consider! It’s a need -based scholarship that is awarded to the 500 four-year college or university students who demonstrate both leadership and academic excellence. Males and females compete in completely separate categories for this lucrative scholarship. Scholarships are given to recipients based on academic achievements, recommendations, and community involvement. The top 20 students that receive scholarships will get the opportunity to participate in an all-expenses-paid leadership weekend in Chicago, where they will be interviewed by national judges. Scholarship prizes range from two first-place awards of $50,000, two-second place awards of $40,000, and two third-place awards of $30,000. Meanwhile, all other fourteen finalists will receive scholarships of $20,000 with the ladder 480 runner-ups receiving scholarships of $4,000. Not too shabby a prize for being runner up! The Elks scholarship is a program run by the Elks National Foundation Program (ENF) with the intentions to create stronger communities and to assist students to develop lifelong skills as well as sending them to colleges. With many applicants applying every year, it’s important to prepare your application before the deadline in mid November. So, sharpen your antlers, and start gathering your wits to show your best you!

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