Sponsoring Institution: EFC Short Tales

Type: Creative writing contest

No age or country restrictions have been placed on this contest.
E for everyone!
… though content is generally geared to those above 17.

Application Deadline:
End of September

Unleash your creative storytelling prowess and embark on an imaginative journey with the Earth’s Final Chapter (EFC) contest. This unique literary competition, hosted by Endless Ink Publishing House LLC and Julian Fernandes, beckons writers of all genres to participate in this creative writing competition set in Earth’s Final Moments. What sets EFC apart? You are working on continuing a series! The contest gives all participants free digital access to 2 books in the series, so you have a good sense of some things that have been written already! Plus, it’s not just a one-time event; previous winners have been invited back for more storytelling adventures, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing talent. With no entry fee, it’s accessible to all aspiring creative writers, and the word count of 5,000 to 8,000 words allows for ample storytelling depth. But that’s not all. The contest offers its creative writers a generous prize pool, including $700.00 USD for the first-place winner and $150.00 USD for each of the three runners-up. What truly makes EFC special is the opportunity for artistic collaboration, as winners can see their stories come to life through character designs, concept art, illustrations, and poster art. Writers who are a part of this creative writing competition will not only win cash prizes but also find their place in the annual collection. Join this creative writing competition now! Submissions are open from March and go until September, and winners are announced in the beginning of October. For more information on the contest visit their website or email nextpagejulian@yahoo.com. Participate in this amazing creative writing competition and dive into the unique world of Earth’s Final Chapter!

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