Sponsoring Institution: EarthX

Type: Art Competition

• 5-22 year olds eligible for this art competition
• Submissions received must be in English
Outside of the United States, residency requirements may vary.  (we are not exactly sure what this means – in terms of how particular locations would impact eligibility )

Application Deadline:
•Submissions Window Opens: Wednesday, May 26, 2021
• Submissions Window Closes: Monday, January 24, 2022
•Finalists Announced: Wednesday, February 16, 2022
Awards –
Div I (Ages 5-9)-1st Place-$250; 2nd Place-$125
Div II (Ages 10-13)-1st Place-$500; 2nd Place-$250
Div III (Ages 14-18)-1st Place-$1000; 2nd Place-$500
Div IV (Ages 19-22)-1st Place-$1500; 2nd Place-$1000

Highlight: Do you have an opinion on environmental issues in the world? Is art often your outlet to your voice? Well with the Eco-Art Competition, artists as young as 5 to age 22 can express their voice and raise awareness about the environmental issues important to them. This year’s theme is ‘Plant the Seed’, so your art competition entry must center around your interpretation which can be anything from a community garden design to a more figurative approach such as planting a seed. As long as it demonstrates taking an action in connection to any environmental problem with a sustainable solution, you could be in for a chance to not only raise awareness but also win a prize this art competition. First and second place prizes are distributed to each of the four age divisions. To successfully submit an entry, the artwork must be 2D or 3D and be within the dimensions accepted and an impact essay must be included of no longer than 300 words explaining how the artistic representation embodies the theme of the competition: Plant the Seed. Do you need some inspiration for this art competition? Well you can go to the Finalists Section on the main page, to see winners of this art competition for last year’s theme of “No time to waste”. The questions required to be answered and any other rules of the competition are on the Contest Page. So head to the website today to learn more and help spread awareness of today’s environmental issues to be in for a chance to win this art competition!

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