Sponsoring Institution: Dronethusiast

Type: Essay Scholarship

Eligibility: Open to all women of all ages attending high school or college anywhere in the world

Application Deadline: December 1st is the annual deadline for applying to this essay scholarship; the winner is selected by January 1st.

Highlight: It probably will not come as any shock to learn that women are a minority in the field of robotics. Dronethusiast is an organization that both understands and is trying to do something to change this! This Essay Scholarship encourages women in high school and beyond (anywhere in the world) to get involved, declare their interest, and show off their skills! Write a 1-2 page essay  (in English or Spanish!) on a topic related to drone technology — possibly an essay that could come in pretty handy for class, or even as a nice add to a resume or application. Plus it could be worth $500 towards university on top of all that! To give a little insight, 2019’s subject for the Essay Scholarship was to demonstrate an idea for improving the environment, globally or locally with drone technology — something that you may likely even have a few thoughts on now! Submitting your Essay Scholarship is pretty straightforward as well. All they require is the essay,  a letter of recommendation, a small excerpt about your need for the scholarship money, and contact information for both you and your school. What are you waiting for? Drone on!!!

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