Sponsoring Institution: DMV Driving and Traffic School

Type: Essay Contest 

Eligibility: This driver’s education scholarship is open to all students in the US, Canada, or abroad, who are entering college or already enrolled in a higher education institution.

Application Deadline: Round 1: Early January – End of March  Round 2: Beginning of May  –  Beginning of August . Round 3:  Beginning of September  – End of November .

Highlight: Did you know that in 2012, there were more deaths on US highways than in the Korean War? Many drivers, especially new ones, are not aware of these surprising and very scary facts. The “In The Driver’s Seat” essay driver’s education scholarship aims to highlight the importance of being safe on the road. In at least 750 words, discuss the significance of being an attentive and trained driver for this driver’s education scholarship. Just answer the four questions listed on this website for a chance to be the next driver to speed across the finish line (with your seat belts buckled, ofc!) and get first place in this driver’s education scholarship competition! Explore the value of becoming a healthy and safe driver in a well-written and meaningful essay and be one of the six $500 prize winners in this driver’s education scholarship.



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