Sponsoring Institution: Google LLC

Type: Art competition

Eligibility: Applicants must be US citizens and a student in K-12!

Application Deadline: The beginning of March

Highlight: Are you the type of kid who would prefer to doodle in class instead of listening to your teacher because you know that Google will always be able to save you afterward? In fact, Google seems to know it all and what’s more, Google also sponsors an art contest to give students an opportunity to creatively express what they’ve learned through a doodle to be featured on  You may have seen these winning doodles? If so, let us connect the dots a bit better…Doodle for Google is an art contest where you need to create a two-dimensional artwork using any medium of your choice such as collage, paint, etc. For the 2022 contest, the artwork reflects the statement ‘’ I care for myself by…” In your artwork, you need to use Google’s logo and it is prohibited to use any gif, video, or the logo, or trademark of another party in your doodle. You can enter this art contest individually or through your school or your parents by submitting your artwork online or by directly mailing it with an artist’s statement. This art contest will take place in three stages. At first, the judges will select the best 54 doodles to be displayed in an online gallery on the Doodle for Google website. When you get selected as the National winner, of this art contest you will be able to get your artwork featured for a day on Google and you will win up to a 30 000 scholarship, and your school or non-profit organization will receive a $50,000 technology package. If you feel a little bit lost and don’t have any idea where to start for this art contest, check out the previous student doodle for google artwork. So what are you waiting for? Start playing with oodles of doodles ideas today!!

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