Sponsoring Institution: ASID (American Society of Interior Designers)

Type: Design Scholarship

Eligibility: Undergraduate/graduate students interested in classical design are eligible for this design scholarship.

Application Deadline:  Biennial scholarship (offered 2X/year!) Submissions open in the Fall 2021 and then again in the Spring.

Highlight: “Design is intelligence made visible”, Alina Wheeler once said. Only talented and ambitious individuals will be able to create such art to be aspired by many, through centuries. Like Alberti to Brunelleschi’s infamous architectural projects during the renaissance, classical architecture is still to be admired to this day. Well, the David Barrett Memorial Scholarship is a design scholarship aimed to congratulate undergraduate and graduate students who display an interest in classical design, with a prize of $12,000! To enter this design scholarship, students must include a transcript, short biography, personal statement, headshot, letter of recommendation, portfolio, and a portfolio statement with their entry. Entries for this design scholarship should incorporate classical, and traditional design elements. If you are stuck and need inspiration for the design scholarship, make sure to check out the winning portfolio of last year’s contestant and winner! For this design scholarship, judges are accepting any project type, and this entry can be handwritten/drawn or done on the computer, so… get creative! Remember the world of design is limitless, and this design scholarship offers a hefty prize toward helping you explore and make your mark on it.  So if you already incorporate classical elements into your design projects, strut your stuff! Make sure to submit your innovative ideas to this design contest to get some exposure, build your networks in the bizzz, and maybe even win some (pretty big!) money towards your education! Who knows how and in what amazing ways  your entry to this design scholarship could influence your impact on the world of design and architecture for centuries to come!


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