Sponsoring Institution: University of Delaware

Type: Entrepreneur Contest

Eligibility: Totally open to high school students anywhere

Application Deadline: Mid January

Highlight: When you close your eyes and think of an innovative invention, what do you see? Perhaps you visualize biodegradable cutlery or an efficient way to save energy. Whatever your idea may be, the Diamond Challenge is the perfect entrepreneurship contest for you to pitch your idea to a panel of professionals! If you are a high schooler from anywhere in the world, you are eligible to compete in this entrepreneurship contest, where you have the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. With over $100,000 offered in prizes, this program aims to empower high school entrepreneurs and take them to new heights. To get info on more of the small details, click here. Prizes are awarded to teams in two tracks, the Business Innovation track and the Social Innovation track. The first-place winner receives $11,000, second place receives $7,500 and third place receives $3,750! Within the Diamond Challenge, there are two competitions: Business Innovation, which revolves around a customer problem, and Social Innovation, which is centered around a societal or environmental concern. This program offers a three-day summit at the University of Delaware (with all food and activities, and sometimes accommodation, covered!) to the semifinalists where you can learn from professionals and develop your skills. To apply, you must be in a team with 2-4 other high schoolers with an advisor over the age of 21 who will serve as your mentor. Once you have a team, the fun begins! Brainstorm your idea, register for this entrepreneurship contest, and then pitch your idea through videos and panels! Awaken your entrepreneurial spirit, unleash your creativity and be on the lookout for registration for this unique entrepreneurship contest in January!

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