Sponsoring Institution: Debt.com

Type: Scholarship about Applying for Scholarships

Eligibility: All US college students are eligible for the scholarship so long as they’re eligible for other scholarships and are currently enrolled in college.

Application Deadline: Deadlines on the 1st of the month every 2 months.

Highlight: Have you ever not applied to scholarships because of fear of being rejected? Don’t worry, you are not the only one. Many students often do not apply for scholarships because of feeling not qualified enough. But with Debt.com’s easy  scholarship, you are rewarded for your persistence and courage by being offered the chance of winning $500 for applying to other scholarships! All you have to do to apply for this easy scholarship is be a college student, demonstrate that you are eligible for and have applied to other scholarships, and write a short letter about yourself. You could write about what your plans are in life, whether you learned anything from applying to the scholarships, and more! Sounds broad, but they let students decide what they want to write about, and winners are selected every two months for this easy scholarship! So get out there and start applying to scholarships- you don’t have to win or even write anything earth shattering about yourself. They reward keeping it real… and easy, and simply showing your effort in applying. And for that effort, you’ll have a chance to win a cool $500 from Debt.com.

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