Sponsoring Institution: De Beers Group

Type: Essay scholarship

• Female Canadian citizens entering their first year of college or university who are entering a STEM or STEM related program. More specific in the home/eligibility page.

Highlight: Are you a Canadian woman interested in pursuing a career in STEM and looking for a way to fund your education? De Beers Group is offering a $4,500 CAD essay scholarship to Canadian women entering their first year undergraduate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program or any STEM-related academic studies in a Canadian university. That’s it! You meet the criteria to apply! So let’s get to it: to apply to this essay scholarship you first need to fill out all the information form and add your resume to showcase all your academic achievements and community involvement. A proof of enrollment in a STEM-related program is also required to be considered for this essay scholarship, as well as two reference letters — they can be personal, professional or academic. Finally, you will need to write a 500 word statement of purpose answering the question “What will receiving this award mean for you and your community?”.  Once you’ve got everything, just doublecheck to make sure all your documents are uploaded in PDF, DOC, or JPEG/PNG format . There are a minimum of ten awards given annually! Pretty sweet, right?  There’s no downside to head on over and apply  Muster up your courage, head to the computer, and start organizing your documents. It’s the first step to hearing one of these scholarships calling your name!

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