Sponsoring Institution: Davidson Fellows Scholarship

Type: Prestigious passion project scholarship

Eligibility: Must be under the age of 18. Must be a U.S citizen/permanent resident residing in the U.S/ be stationed overseas in the U.S Military

Application Deadline: January of each year

Highlight: No matter what subject you are passionate about, the  Davidson Fellows Scholarship  offers you a chance to develop your knowledge and put your creativity to the test, by creating a significant piece of work in your chosen subject that presents the possibility of change. With categories of Science , technology, engineering , mathematics, literature, music, philosophy, and “outside the box,” anyone can give it their best shot at winning the tuition prize. Recent laureates  have taken on challenges ranging from improving detection of the Zika Virus, to creating a Life Detection System for First Response after Natural Disasters, to finding authenticity in music — so you have the opportunity to join them in introducing groundbreaking change. As a participant of this gifted student scholarship, you get to win tuition aid ranging from $10K to $50K to further your education. Whilst you participate in this gifted student scholarship, you also get the chance to interact with like-minded peers and add to your pool of knowledge. Apply now  and rise to the challenge as you explore your passions and creativity.

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