Sponsoring Institution: Daughters of the American Revolution

Type: Private US scholarships (need & merit-based) for a variety of programs. Both need and merit-based available. Some are renewable yearly. 

Eligibility: US citizens planning to attend/attending US programs.

Application Deadline: Submit scholarship applications for these private scholarships from the beginning of August through mid-February.

Highlight: If you’re looking for more financial aid than your university program in the US is offering, why not apply to one of the many private scholarships offered through the Daughters of the American Revolution? And no, your mother doesn’t have to be descended from a patriot and regularly attend DAR chapter meetings – they offer private scholarships for a variety of programs at US schools; students eligible for these private scholarships include those getting degrees in history, politics, nursing and medicine, law, education,  and more. Peruse their lists of available scholarships and see if they offer private scholarships that fit you and your program! 

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