Sponsoring Institution: Crossword Hobbyist

Type: puzzle contest

Eligibility: This puzzle contest is open to all current or incoming university/college international or Canadian/US students who will be enrolled during the Fall 2021 semester/quarter.

Application Deadline: End of April.. Winners are notified at the end of May.

Highlight: Puzzles are a part of a student’s daily life, whether you are trying to solve a math problem, or find the author’s purpose. But, what if you turn this into a way to make some extra cash for school? Here is a scholarship for all the puzzle lovers! Crossword Hobbyist is sponsoring their annual scholarship puzzle contest where you can win $1000. Even if you don’t win, you still have the chance to win a lifetime subscription to Crossword Hobbyist or a honourable mention on the website. To enter this puzzle contest, all you need to do is create a 15×15 newspaper-style crossword puzzle about your favourite hobby or interest on the Crossword Hobbyist website! This puzzle contest requires you to complete five easy steps. 1) Create and customize your 78 word max puzzle on the website, 2) email to unlock your puzzle, 3) publish your puzzle once it is unlocked, 4) submit your puzzle before the deadline, and 5) fill out the google form after submitting! Seems easy enough, right?! Check out some past winners to get inspired. Get your point ACROSS. Get DOWN to it. And don’t miss out on this chance to strut you puzzler prowess!

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